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2009-01-05 09:25:41 by Samuraikyo

I don't really log on much lately. I just lurk so thats why I haven't been logging in recently. Not that you probably know who i'am or anything.

So lets see, last time I submitted a movie was in what? 2004? Wow....5 years. Well to tell you the truth, I just havent had the time. Or just haven't been patient enough to make flash that much. Yes I know, sprite movies, I can't draw so whatever.

My current movies are very old. I made them only within a few hours or maybe a day or 2. I didn't have any idea of what I was doing in flash at the time. Well I studied the program as much as I could and learned tons about it. I've gotten a lot better at it, and quite frankly I just don't like animating all that much. Now that i know I can do better, I look at all the work that is needed and just don't have that incentive to continue.

Honestly it's not the lazyness. It's the fact that since i'm not a very talented artist, especially with a mouse. I know details and shading and other techniques. I just can't get them out with a mouse. My main problem with not just sticking with sprites is, i'am very limited in what material and story plot that i have to work with. If videogame sprites is what i'm using, I can't necessarly make a serious movie about relationships, with my own character personalities and traits. It's hard to do that with sprites.

Don't get me wrong, I love working with sprites and I love making video game Parodies. Videogames is still my main hobby. I love comedy and making my own jokes and story. It's just animating I can't stand. I can do it if i set my mind to it, it's just being busy and not having the time.

I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. So I had to go through a few hurricanes on that way after I made my movies. That set me back a few years, with getting back to my house and making up 3 months of lost school, help getting my Dad's buisness back into word that it was still around. Contacting lost friends. You know a lot of work. Then we had another Hurricane after Katrina. Gustav.

Back to Flash.

Mainly, what i thought about for a long time. I wanna be a Voice Actor, and an Executive Producer for cartoons. I want to make my own ideas, style, script, plot, and comedy come to life. Make the show and voice act in it.

I'am very good at tweeking my voice and making it distinctive with characteristics in the tone. I can make people laugh, by not just the sound of my voice, but with a combination of toming, and the way I say it. So i thought, how could I put the 2 together? And thats where I got my idea to want to be a voice actor.

By the way, if anyone knows Good programs, gadgets and products I could download or buy, for voice acting, I would appreciate that much.

Back to my flash. Well, i haven't submitted anything in 5 years. It doesn't mean i'm done. I have so many ideas and stories I want to make, that I would love to submit. In fact, in my journey to bettering my flash skills I made about 10 unfinished products. So thats something I could get to work on and finishing.

Dam, I wish there was a Script portal. Thats where I would be.

So if anyone actually reads all of this or see's this at all, thanks for reading. Not that you know who i'am, or that you like any of my movies. Hey I was young when i made those, give me a break! Im better ok? :D

But thanks for reading and if you have any info you could supply about voice acting equipment, that would be much appreciated.


-Jeff (AKA: Samuraikyo)


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2009-01-05 12:14:12

Sorry that I don't have any information about VA equipment. But I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I also hope that you find your motivation again so that you can improve the Newgrounds community.

Have a nice day.